YP Letters: What’s right in a world of confusion?

Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson.
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From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

WE have undemocratic politicians who apparently know better than most of us; fanatical religious movements that don’t believe in free speech; broadcasting media editors who pretend neutrality, but create news; a twit of a western leader who lies, then un-lies; local and national authorities that are inept and frigid due to political correctness; armed forces, police et al, constrained by nonsensical human rights laws; completely selfish individuals who ignore common courtesies and responsibilities.

I can’t be alone in thinking that it’s a downside-up world, or is it an upside-down world?

From: Tarquin Holman, Marsden Court, Farsley, Leeds.

CAN I please ask what has happened to “free speech” as we are no longer able to have honest conversations?

When we won the war, the education officers invited us to say “we have won the right to free speech” but respect the other person’s views, even if you don’t agree with them.

Do we want to go back to the time we were told to “shut up” by our betters? I think not!

From: Philip L Taylor, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

THE UK is a free and fair country and a person may wear what he or she wishes to wear outside their home, as long as it does not defend the normal parameters of decency. If a lady wishes to look like a “letter box”, then wear a burka! Why not?

From: Bob Holland, Skipton Road, Cononley, Keighley.

IF I wrote to your paper, making tasteless jokes about the hats and the long hair worn by some ultra-orthodox male Jews, you would probably not print it. If I added that the wearers looked ridiculous and like criminals, this would be anti-semitic.

If a Tory MP deliberately writes in this way about some Muslim women, how can he be acceptable within his part?

Motorists pay the price

From: Shaun Kavanagh, Leeds.

IT is fair to accuse Leeds City Council (LCC) of taking advantage of motorists by their attitude towards parking charges (The Yorkshire Post, August 11). Having introduced evening and Sunday charges, it is easy to recognise LCC are hell bent on using motorists as their “cash cow” in order to swell the coffers at the Civic Hall. Ridiculous and expensive parking does nothing for the residents of Leeds or businesses within it.

LCC’s spokesperson states “the revenue goes straight back into transport projects”. A likely tale when such money, bled from motorists, is wasted on projects not favouring motorists – projects such as cycle tracks, widely regarded as useless, which has wasting over £100m with absolutely no benefits for anyone.

Road widths have been reduced, creating slower-moving traffic. That said, let’s not forget the excessive amounts wasted on projects which never left the drawing board and those aborted because of inadequate planning. Park-and-ride schemes are good but do not suit all, and you have to get there to take advantage!

Prepare for warming

From: James Court, Head of Policy and External Affairs, Renewable Energy Association.

THIS summer’s heatwaves will undoubtedly have led many residents to wonder if their homes are fit for a future of extreme weather cycles, heatwaves and global warming. If we’re to prepare ourselves for what’s to come our homes will be central to the solution to preventing further environmental damage.

That’s why the REA propose that all new housing developments in the UK be fitted with a three phase electricity supply. Three phase power supplies in new homes can facilitate a more rapid deployment of renewable heat systems, greater uptake in rooftop solar PV, and greater choice in charging your electric vehicle – all of which will become necessities if the UK is to meet its heat emission and transport targets.

If the Government compelled the electricity network operators to fit new homes in this way, the cost would fall even lower.

Solving staff shortages

From: Neil Richardson, Kirkheaton.

YOUR report (The Yorkshire Post, August 10) on long-terms plans for a new hospital to service Huddersfield and Dewsbury may, in the next decade or so, lead to a modern building, instances of superior technology, and improved parking.

However, I recall one or two media articles suggesting that West Yorkshire suffers shortages of clinical staff. If this is correct, how will the plans ensure appropriate staff are not only attracted to the new venue in sufficient numbers, but encouraged to stay for many years after their induction period?

What will be offered that other potential recruiters in the sector do not?

Abandoned by Tories

From: John Collins, Keighley.

I WAS interested in Tom Richmond’s remarks about Tories in South Yorkshire selecting a list of Parliamentary candidates (The Yorkshire Post, August 11).

Here in Keighley, which includes Ilkley, the Conservatives have no candidate, no agent and do not reply to letters and emails. I wonder if they have abandoned the seat? As your columnist implied, this constituency is also at the very heart of the non-performing Northern rail operations!