YP Letters: Why Brussels is dragging its feet on Brexit

What now for Brexit?
What now for Brexit?
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From: Neville Balmer, Sicklinghall.

WHAT plans are the EU making for restructuring their own organisation post-Brexit? Precious little I suspect.

I certainly have not heard of anything but it is a simple and logical fact of business that if any company loses one sixth of its income, it will have to cull its workforce, its premises (Brussels and Strasbourg) and all its other expenditure by a similar amount – or hopefully increase the contributions from its remaining members by 20 per cent.

Could this have anything to do with the faceless ones in Brussels dragging their feet? Time for our UK politicians to start asking a few questions and demanding some sensible answers!

From: Mr Roger Whitaker, Dale View, Hardwick Road, Pontefract.

JEREMY Corbyn makes great play about honesty, openness and transparency, and has had much to say about the Government refusing to publish the results of the many studies on the impact of Brexit.

So perhaps he would publish what has been discussed between members or officials of the EU and Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party, and the outcome of those discussions, so that we are sure he still believes in accepting the will of the people, and is not trying to undermine the process to leave the EU?

From: J Simpson, Morley.

MUCH is promulgated about Britain regaining its own jurisdiction from the EU post-Brexit. Since when has this country not chosen to go its own way when inventing and meting out its own draconian laws?

Is there another country in the EU which removes children from parents, often on spurious grounds and has them put up for forced adoption after 26 weeks, or forces the elderly into care against their own and their relatives’ wishes with no redress?

Perhaps Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg and his ilk would care to direct their influence to opening up the secret activities of these Kafkaesque courts rather than whingeing about the EU and its puny influence in this direction.

From: Brenda Briar, Leeds.

PEOPLE naturally assume politicians have a good working knowledge of national politics, yet the Brexit fiasco proves otherwise.

None knew the complexities involved in the negotiations of exiting the EU, therefore the public was woefully misinformed of the impact it would have on Britain – leaving us all in the political wilderness.

Isn’t it time all politicians are made to prove their political expertise and awareness in order to deserve the substantial amount they are paid,? If not, they don’t keep their job – just like real life!

From: Mr SB Oliver, Churchill Grove, Heckmondwike.

JEAN Claude Juncker’s example of the UK leaving the table without paying its corner for drinks for all 28 members is quite apposite in reality.

Only 10 of the 28 member states make a net contribution to the EU funds which means that 18 don’t contribute, so the UK would only be number 19 in not paying its corner.

From: Dave Haskell, Cardigan, Ceredigion.

THE cat is now truly out of the bag with Brussels, in the form of the EU negotiators having little to offer the Brexit negotiations except intimidation, bullying and fear. Hopefully those who voted to remain in the EU will now recognise this.

Trump raises terror threat

From: John Swift, Gisbourne Road, Bradley, Huddersfield.

THE MI5 chief needs to shout in the Government’s ear. How strange the report that Andrew Parker is telling internet giants to stop aiding terrorists. That is just like pouring a watering can onto a forest fire.

The real driver of the brains of the terrorists is the absurd love affair that the United Kingdom has with the USA. There are other terrorist-inspiring countries besides the USA such as Israel, but the stationing of American forces all around the world, and the daily posturing and threats of Donald Trump, must be creating another 10,000 terrorists every day.

Mr Parker must be ranked well down in the Westminster pecking order because I am sure that if he could catch the eye or ear of the Home Secretary for just a second, we would not have an entire shift of police officers in very short supply riding around in dodgem cars or chief constables pursuing investigations for years into former prime ministers or a young child in the Algarve or Greece who disappeared.

The head of MI5 should be operating a lot further up the food chain in ensuring this country is not embarrassed by the Foreign Secretary or by the Foreign Office sending its most incompetent to be heads of MI6 which it has done for the last 20 years, getting the UK into war after war with the USA.

Sentamu could deliver a deal

From: Edward Grainger, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

IN the current impasse that has yet to deliver the One Yorkshire devolution deal, comprising a coalition of the willing (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, October 17), someone needs to take a strong lead and take party politics out of the equation.

Given the lack of tangible progress and the latest unhelpful actions of Jake Berry, the Northern Powerhouse Minister, you are right to point out that the Yorkshire electorate deserves better if the future prosperity of the county is to be assured.

If a number of areas can progress their own devolution deals through the Northern Powerhouse mechanism such as that in my own immediate area, the Tees Valley, then the clout of the charismatic Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is required.

His name has been promoted previously but the stalemate on a Yorkshire solution is now so pressing that, in his own inimitable style, he could be the one person to unlock the logjam between the civic leaders and the minister.