YP Letters: Why no drive to put brakes on noisy car exhausts?

Are there sufficient traffic police?
Are there sufficient traffic police?
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From: Bob Watson, Baildon.

THE article (The Yorkshire Post, December 27) about the increasing level of noise 
nuisance made for interesting reading, and it is concerning 
that the problem continues to rise.

It was, however, a shame that no mention was made of the number of vehicles fitted with illegal (noisy) exhaust systems which blight neighbourhoods everywhere.

The police seem unwilling or unable to deal with such matters (no doubt it is well down on their list of priorities), but because of this it gets ever more rife.

We need to see some well- publicised prosecutions taking place.

It cannot be too difficult to find the culprits, they are everywhere.

One also has to wonder why action is not also taken against the manufacturers of these illegal fitments, and maybe also those who sell and/or install them.

Sadly, at the moment, no-one seems willing to grasp the nettle in this regard. This has to