YP Letters: Would Chris Grayling like to be left stranded?

Northern passengers were left stranded at Morecambe.
Northern passengers were left stranded at Morecambe.
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From: Frank Goulding, Vernon Street, Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire.

WHAT a sorry letter from M Clayton, who was stranded at Morecambe because the railway company had cancelled the last train home to Leeds (The Yorkshire Post, April 3).

In 48 years of regular train travelling through Yorkshire from the North West, this has never happened to me, although I have experienced all too many communication failures such as this instance. Would our railways ever let this happen to trains to or from London?

On the same day as the letter was printed, The Yorkshire Post ran an appropriate editorial on the failed transport policies of Chris Grayling.

How would he like to be left at Morecambe and have to arrange his own taxi?

From: Sam Brooke, Harrogate.

THE Yorkshire Post should be congratulated for highlighting the failings of Chris Grayling. The fact that passengers can be stranded at Morecambe, and left to make their own arrangements, speaks volumes about the extent to which service has deteriorated. Perhaps Mr Grayling should spend his next week’s holiday here, travelling on the region’s railways, and see the problems for himself?