Zero tolerance

THOSE who think the police are being "party poopers" for escalating their summer clampdown against drink drivers during football's World Cup should, perhaps, seek the views of those families who have lost loved ones in such tragic circumstances.

Despite increasingly high-profile campaigns over many decades now, too many innocent people are being killed, or maimed for life, each year because a small number of selfish drivers persist in getting behind the wheel when over the legal driving limit. As well as risking their own lives, these mindlesss motorists continue to endanger every other person who they come across. And it's not just alcohol – drugs is an increasing menace which the police are tackling.

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No one can, therefore, disagree with the sentiment of Adam Briggs, the Deputy Chief Constable of North Yorkshire, when he says: "The message is clear: have fun, drink if you want to, but don't get behind the wheel and drive."