Communist or Conservative is the stark choice facing voters at this election – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Marcus Oliver, Wetherby Road, Harrogate.

Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson are vying to be Prime Minister after December 12.
Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson are vying to be Prime Minister after December 12.

CONSERVATIVES do well to be concerned that voter complacency over their current lead may ultimately cost them the election.

Boris Johnson may not be everyone’s perfect cup of tea, but let no one be deceived as to the alternative that we will get. Behind the genial grandpa mask is one of the most hard-Left Labour leaders ever.

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Is Boris Johnson guilty of election complacency?

An increasing number of voters have no experience of the misery of the socialist governments of the ’70s.

When unions had unchecked power and could inflict winters without heat, light, or public transport due to coal, electricity, and rail strikes.

Many first-time voters will not even remember the terrible mess the previous Labour government left the country in.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail in Whitby.

Anyone lulled into complacency by a seemingly soft socialist Labour party with low poll ratings should be aware that we could easily end up with the most Marxist government that the country has experienced for decades.

In reality, the stark choice is Conservative or communist. The middle ground is not a safe place to dither.

From: Alex Surtees, Hillcrest Rise, Leeds.

IN return for the millions of pounds donated to the Labour Party by the unions, it is not surprising that Jeremy Corbyn feels the need to repay them with additional powers, undoing 100 years of work reigning them in.

Under his proposals if the council workers went on strike over a grievance of theirs, this could also close hospitals, railways and the fire brigade who could go on strike in sympathy.

This would stall the whole the country; and see the armed forces on the streets trying to provide critical life-saving services.

Will he also allow the police to go on strike if he gets his way, and what sort of consequences would that have?

From: Ken Cooke, Ilkley.

NICK Martinek (The Yorkshire Post, November 29) seems finally to be getting the message: there is no better deal than the one we have now as a member of the EU. He blithely imagined Brexit to mean getting all the benefits without obeying the rules and sharing the costs.

He rants at the UK establishment for being useless and ‘capitulating’, whilst at the same time blaming the EU for not agreeing a ‘fair deal’. He is just reaching for ‘pie in the sky’ or having the cake he has already eaten.

Brexit can never be what Nick innocently imagined it to be. It was a daft idea in the first place, so the referendum was a total waste.

From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield.

ANYONE who wants to remain in the European Union is either brainwashed, unable to think for themselves or living in cloud cuckoo land.

They are fighting tooth and nail to commit us all to a state of oblivion, even though the democratic decision was to leave.

Yet they think that we, who voted to leave, are the stupid ones.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

WELL who’d have thought it? In the wake of the London Bridge attack and the murder of two innocent people by terrorist Usman Khan, Jeremy Corbyn, when asked by Sophy Ridge if terrorists should serve the full sentence they are given, replied “no, not necessarily”.

Is he a fit person for 10 Downing Street with those views?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

INTERESTING that nothing about the possibility of the EU developing an army instead of relying on NATO for our security has been mentioned in the TV debates between party leaders.