David Davis on why he is backing BAE Systems plant at Brough – Yorkshire Post letters

From: David Davis, Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden.

David Davis MP is seeking fresh reassurances about jobs at the BAE Systems site at Brough.
David Davis MP is seeking fresh reassurances about jobs at the BAE Systems site at Brough.

I HAD a constructive meeting with the Minister who has confirmed the Government will continue to work with BAE to do everything possible to find a way through the issues facing BAE Brough.

The chief executive of BAE has confirmed that the company has secured additional manufacturing orders for equipment in relation to the Qatari’s Hawk programme, along with an additional three T-45 Goshawk wings for the US Navy, and a spare Hawk wing for the Royal Air Force. This work means there will be no compulsory redundancies at Brough this year.

Haltemprice and Howden MP David Davis, the former Brexit Secretary, has been a longstanding campaigner on behalf of BAE Systems.

BAE is also successfully moving design and engineering work into the Brough site. This involves retraining manufacturing employees to work in these new design and engineering roles and will ensure high-skilled jobs continue to exist at the Brough plant.

The Government must now continue doing all they can to ensure production continues at the BAE site. With over 100 years of aircraft production at the site, BAE Brough is a very important part of the local and regional economy.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

The BAE Systems factory at Brough.

THE one matter that concerns me most is that, if Boris Johnson is successful in getting into 10 Downing Street, he has said he will talk to President Donald Trump about a trade deal, and that means he will have to submit to Trump in world affairs by supporting his ideas.

I am old enough to remember Tony Blair cosying up to George W Bush, who took our troops into Iraq on the false presumption that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction available.

I think that Sir Kim Darroch was right when he stated that the Trump administration is dysfunctional. That may well mean we shall be dragged into a conflict, possibly with Iran, on America’s coat tails.

From: Harry Brooke,Leeds.

COULD anything more clearly demonstrate the gulf between the make-believe world of a career diplomat and the real world of an elected US President than our Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch’s disgraceful denigration (Tony Rossiter, The Yorkshire Post, July 12) of Donald Trump?

One of the first things many of us learn is ‘never assume’ – in this case never assume things won’t get leaked. Sir Kim was obviously in the wrong job.

Sentencing needs reform

From: Christopher Clapham, Shipley.

NOTHING is ever done about lenient sentences, no matter which political party you vote for (The Yorkshire Post, July 10).

Politicians seem frightened of the establishment that has got us into this mess, thus knife crime is out of control in London and other parts of the country.

Why do we tolerate sentences that seem appropriate but, in reality, will be cut by half after fooling the public into a false sense of security?

It is time to change the law – criminals must serve their full sentences along with knowing it could be extended for bad behaviour in prison. Maximum sentences must be abolished and replaced with minimum sentences.

Go a green step further

From: Roger P Brown, Sandal, Wakefield.

FOR once Chris Grayling has come up with a reasonable proposal in requiring that new housing development should have charging points for electric cars (John Redwood, The Yorkshire Post, July 15).

Why not go one stage further and require solar panels as well? While exceptions might be associated with listed buildings and conservation areas, solar panels could be an integral part of the roofing, rather than the rather ugly ‘add on’ panels widely seen at present. They would also help with what undoubtedly will be a surge in demand for electricity.

Losing out for years of work

From: June Green, Leeds.

THOSE people who have had the gumption to find a decent job that pays a pension for their old age are losing out again.

I refer to those now losing their free TV licence, unlike those who had opted for the easy road by claiming Pension Credit and everything else going.

I’m no Dame Judi Dench. I’m just living on a fixed income. Are there to be no perks at all for the conscientious among us? Will we be able to claim a refund for the two weeks of wall-to-wall Wimbledon we’ve had to suffer? I find it unfair.

World Cup overkill?

From: Edna Levi, Stonegate Road, Leeds.

SWITCHING on my TV and seeing the exclamations of joy, I really thought perhaps finally an agreement had been reached on Brexit.

No. England had won a 
game of cricket and at one 
point, such was his feelings, I 
thought Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan needed resuscitation.

Keep calm, cricket lovers, I now realise it was an important win in the World Cup final, but did it really have to be the main opening headline on newscasts all day?

Stokes is a role model

From: Alan German, Station Road, Sutton, Retford.

WE’VE seen Botham’s Ashes, we’ve seen Flintoff’s Ashes, have we just seen Stokes’ World Championship? What a trooper – Ben Stokes, a role model for England, not merely English cricket.