Despair over mindless vandalism that destroyed model railway club’s work - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

The destruction of a model railway club's work was 'mindless vandalism', says one reader.

Last week, youths broke in to a school gym in Stamford, Lincolnshire, where the Market Deeping model railway club were planning to hold their annual show/exhibition over the weekend.

The event had to be cancelled as these youths had completely ruined and wrecked all the model layouts and static stands, displays, stalls and posters, etc.

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Many men were in tears when they came upon this carnage. The photograph was truly shocking.

For many of the members involved “a life’s work” has gone in minutes.

I have been closely involved with model railways and clubs for very nearly 73 years and I know exactly how all those men and ladies will have felt – sick in the stomach and heartbroken.

Why do people act in this horrid way? What has and is going wrong with our country? This act of sheer vandalism was madness.

Had they stolen some of the beautiful, skillfully made models, and then tried to sell them, that, though very wrong, would at least be understandable, but to just smash everything to pieces was a mindless crime.

I have definite thoughts on what needs to be done but what do other readers think, believe, hope for?