Do we need imported labour to care for elderly? – Yorkshire Post letters

From: John Riseley, Harcourt Drive, Harrogate.

When will social care policy be reformed?

CHANGE UK MP Dr Sarah Wollaston (The Yorkshire Post, April 26) rather predictably suggests we make up the shortfall in care workers for the elderly by remaining within the EU and drawing upon their surplus of labour as we have in recent years. In her world, do not migrant workers grow old and themselves need care?

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Is her assumption that we will continue to bring in large numbers of extra workers each year in perpetuity, or that once acquainted with our benefits system, they will have more children than we do and so produce the next generation of carers? In either case her project is no less than to replace us with a different ethnic group.

This would certainly change the UK, but not in a way that many of us would wish. She might more usefully investigate how countries less affluent than our own care for their elderly and vulnerable while actually exporting labour.

From: Harry Bass, York.

THANK you to The Yorkshire Post for highlighting the need
to reform social care with a 
series of informed and incisive pieces.

Why are our MPs – and national media – not following your lead? What will it take for them to act?