Don’t let Remainer Gina Miller’s tactical voting campaign hijack this general election – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller.
Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller.

RECENTLY, a wave of perpetual moaners from the Remain side of political life have repeatedly called for the Government to publish the conclusions of the inquiry into any attempted inference by Russia during the EU referendum.

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They are convinced such violations were made to persuade the public to vote Leave – any excuse to reverse the national majority decision.

Will the general election lead to the resolution of Brexit?

Of a greater serious nature is interference closer to home by Gina Miller using her Remain United Tactical Voting website, which is attempting to skew the outcome of the election.

This is fundamentally wrong and should be called to a halt by the Electoral Commission, whose job is to scrutinise everything at election time in the interests of fairness and freedom of choice.

Do you back Boris Johnson to deliver Brexit?

The Electoral Commission, set up in 2001, has extended powers, a budget of many millions and is well staffed, but seemingly not the guts to implement its powers.

Why has it not called on Ms Miller to reveal the sources and extent of her organisation’s funding? Likewise why has it not censured the social media platforms that are carrying messages that could cause electoral disruption?

From: TH Knight, Kirk Smeaton.

WINSTON Churchill was the leader of a coalition wartime government and was without doubt a very successful wartime prime minister. However, maybe he and his Conservatives failed to get elected in 1945 because a large part of the electorate had within two generations had to fight two world wars.

In World War One, the army was simply cannon fodder. After this war, social changes (despite the promises) were not really made to improve the lot of the working man and woman. My father spent six years of his young adult life in the fight against Adolf Hitler. He never forgot that, and he voted Labour in 1945. Labour won by a landslide in 1945 because people wanted change. As for rationing and austerity, the UK was exhausted, bankrupt and its infrastructure worn out by the wartime effort. That is why we had rationing and austerity.

From: Dave Ellis, Magdalen Lane, Hedon.

LABOUR does not mention that the Blair and Brown governments drove up the day to day operational cost of the NHS by doing away with GPs’ out of hours visits to patients. This is now covered by locum doctors costing in excess of £2,000 a shift.