Enough is enough

FOR nearly 30 years the families of Peter Sutcliffe's victims have been tormented by fears he could be released – now there can be no doubt the serial killer will die behind bars.

Yesterday, the High Court ruled that the 64-year-old must serve a "whole life" tariff after he challenged an order that he can never be released. It was the only decision that could have been made, anything else would have been a travesty.

The former lorry driver from Bradford murdered 13 women. The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, described his crimes as "the extreme end of horror".

The question that must now be considered is whether a man who was guilty of some of the most shocking crimes of the 20th century should have been allowed to run up such a huge legal bill at the taxpayer's expense.

Everyone has a right to challenge the decision of a court, but common sense must apply. Sutcliffe received 20 life sentences after his conviction in 1981 and last year was told he would never be released. For a mass murderer to then be allowed to challenge that ruling borders on farcical. This must be the end of the case.