This firm should not be allowed to run a railway - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Keith Sturdy, Grimbald Road, Knaresborough.

Avanti has taken over the West Coast Main Line from Virgin.
Avanti has taken over the West Coast Main Line from Virgin.

IT was great news to read about the new trains destined for the West Coast Main line and that they were being manufactured in the North East.

The other good news in the same article was that a new company Avanti was taking over the rail franchise from Virgin, especially as we all remember when Virgin ran our East Coast line and had to give up the franchise.

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Rail operator Virgin has lost the West Coast Main Line franchise. Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

My rejoicing was however short lived when I read further into the article and found that one of the partners in Avanti is the First Group.

If my memory serves me right didn’t they have to also give up the East Coast franchise a few years ago?

It beggars belief that such a company should be allowed anywhere near the running of a railway.

Could anyone see a large construction company, for instance, employing a sub-contractor that had let it down badly in another part of the country? I think not.

I was employed by British Rail in the early 1970s, and though it was not perfect, it was streets ahead of the current shambles. Also with crime at its current levels why would anyone want to get rid of train guards? I am sure the public would welcome more of these type of staff, not less.