GP Taylor: A welcome for our nation’s bright future

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron.
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron.
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THIS is a day that I have been waiting for many years to see. Finally, I wake up in a land that can, in two years, become a self-determining nation. Our borders will once again become our own and the fish in our seas will be there for the benefit of British fishermen.

No longer will the hoards of Spanish trawlers be able to ravish our seas and destroy scallop beds in their wake as they deplete fish stocks. The 1964 London Convention should be the first bit of Euro nonsense to be scrapped. British waters for British fishermen should be the sound bite on the lips of Theresa May. Whitby, Scarborough, Bridlington and Hull may have boats back in their harbours.

I am proud that 44 years of ever increasing integration and state control by Brussels is about to go out of the window. Unlike the cowardly and undemocratic Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, I do not think that leaving the EU will be a bad thing.

Farron is the man who protested in London, along with a few thousand other sore losers, just days after a brave police officer lost his life protecting the democracy that they seek to undermine yards away from where the remoaners gathered.

In his speech, Farron said: “In politics, as in life, two things are always the case for me: One, if you lose, you have the grace to accept the defeat, but you never, ever, ever give up. We as a community must stand together, this is reversible. The people of Britain are decent, outward-looking people. We will carry on direct campaigning.”

That is not accepting defeat with grace. That to me is anti-democratic agitation of the worse kind. Let’s keep voting until we get our way is not democracy.

What Farron and his kind don’t understand is that Britain will once again be able to be a leader in the world. No longer will we be tied to the gravy train of the EU. No longer will they be able to tell us what our bananas have to look like and fill the statute books with thousands of laws.

There will be no punishment from the EU, just as there was not any financial breakdown as promised by Remain. The rest of the world needs to trade with Britain and our financial market will be stronger than ever. I expect to see a country with lower unemployment and a better standard of living. Shops will stay open and the lights will stay on. We are not walking off a cliff blindfolded as many would say.

How dare they forget that it is this proud and brilliant country that stood alone against the might and evil power of the Nazis, and fought for the freedom of the world when other countries surrendered without a shot being fired.

We still have the grit and determination to succeed, and we will. Brexit is not a thing to be feared but an opportunity to be embraced.

I am angered that those in Remain have, in the past few months, tried every tactic to undermine the democratic will of the people.

Thankfully, their bullying has come to nothing. Not even the obvious bias of the BBC could change the minds of the people. Their broadcast of pro-EU propaganda has worked against them. Project Fear was wholeheartedly
rejected by right-minded, free-thinking people.

In June of last year, we rejected an arrogant EU leadership that was complacent beyond belief and treated Britain like a naughty school boy. Outside the EU, we will be regarded as a strong, independent nation with its own laws and with its own borders.

The stupidity of Remain is that they have not the foresight to see what will happen to the EU in the coming years. British voters realised that the great experiment was over. We are the first rat to leave the sinking ship.

This year, voters in France and Germany will signal that they, too, have had enough of mass migration, terrorism, open borders and poor countries leeching from richer ones.

The EU and the euro are destined 
some day to collapse. The cracks are starting to show and not even the bullying of Jean-Claude Juncker will be enough to hold the ship together.

Far from bringing 60 years of peace
to Europe, the expansionist actions of this super state are a threat to world peace.

I welcome today with open arms and, as the sun rises, see a bright future for this beautiful county and the country in which it is set.

GP Taylor is a writer and broadcaster and can be followed @GPTaylorauthor.