GP Taylor: At last, the Church heeds the masses over migration and BBC bias

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has spoken out on migration.
Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has spoken out on migration.
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I HAVE to admit that I am a closet armchair archaeologist. It is all the fault of Time Team, as I was hooked after one episode. There is nothing better than seeing presenter Alice Roberts get stuck into a skeleton of some poor unfortunate from the Middle Ages.

Yet, having seen Digging for Britain, on BBC2, I suddenly thought that I was watching a party political broadcast on behalf of a pro-EU party. The script could have been written by one of David Cameron’s Project Fear brigade. Never have I seen a programme with so much subliminal left-wing bias.

Throughout the programme, we were being told that migration was part of our history and that none of us were really British and we had been coming and going from the continent since the last Ice Age.

Roberts smiled and cooed with gushing tones as she convinced us that everything from Europe was for the greater good. In a nutshell, migration was brilliant for Britain. Even the coming of the Angles and Saxons was made to feel more like a cultural exchange trip. None of this should have come as a surprise – the BBC is renowned for being pro- European and left wing.

BBC executive Ceri Thomas recently said: “Any culture can be at risk of excluding what it thinks is wrong, possibly marginalising significant chunks of public opinion.”

The significant chunks of public opinion he talks about are the subjects of the EU and immigration. The BBC is very much pro-immigration and in the financial pocket of the EU. It begged for nearly £3m in euro funding. This was then hid in its accounts by saying it was grant income – the BBC too afraid to say that it came from its EU paymasters.

How then will the BBC cope now that the Archbishop of Canterbury has given his permission to say out loud what millions of people having being thinking for years? It is not racist to fear immigration and say so.

There is nothing racist about being frightened of the New Labour-sponsored mass immigration. Communities were destroyed and our British culture eroded. Those who criticised were branded racists and xenophobes. The only freedom of speech allowed was for those who agreed with the wholesale destruction of the British way of life.

How dare people even think that foreigners should learn the language to live here and that certain religions are in direct conflict with the western way of life.

Now, thanks to Justin Welby, I can happily say that I am terrified by what might happen to this country if we remain in the EU. I am deeply concerned by the prospect of millions of economic migrants heading here to sponge off our benefit system and bring down the wages and working conditions of the British working class.

Immigration will only increase, as 70 million Turks will have the right to live in the UK due to the dirty deal being done behind closed doors. Our borders will be forced open by the Merkel dictatorship and the Jungle will move to a town near you.

As in Sweden and Germany, it will be local schools and hospitals that break down under the pressure of immigration. Policing will be pushed to the edge as they deal with an increase in immigration- related crime. This island of ours will be too full of people with not enough housing to go around.

My only question is why has it taken Welby so long to speak out? The problem is that the Church of England, just like the BBC, is left wing. It is made up of clergy with a fear of offending. Even the mention of Jesus is done in hushed tones so as not to upset those of a different faith. Like the quivering brethren of Cold Comfort Farm, they sit shaking in the pews with nothing much to say.

The only reason Welby has broken ranks is because of the weight of public opinion. Unwittingly, he might have saved Britain from slipping into the hands of the far right. Allowing an open and honest debate on immigration without the fear of being dubbed racist can only be good for democracy.

As Angela Merkel comes to terms with her drubbing in Germany’s regional elections, British politicians could avoid such a fate by taking on the concerns of the masses.

Every night on TV news reports we see hoards of young single males invading Europe. As our towns are changed beyond recognition, it is a shame it has taken the Archbishop so long to speak out.

GP Taylor is a writer and broadcaster and can be followed @GPTaylorauthor.