GP Taylor: Democracy will count for little as Brexit sabotaged

Theresa May arrives at last month's EU summit, but will 2018 be the year when Brexit is thwarted?
Theresa May arrives at last month's EU summit, but will 2018 be the year when Brexit is thwarted?
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IT may not be the New Year’s Resolution that 17.5 million people wanted, but I have a sneaking fear that many of our elected representatives will be vowing to thwart Brexit in the year ahead.

2018 will not be the year of democracy. The trouble with democracy is that we elect people to Parliament and from then on, they can do what they like. Party loyalty comes before serving the people and any idea that they will support the wishes of the electorate is nonsense.

When David Cameron called the referendum, he did not believe for one minute that we, the British people, would ever go against the wishes of the ruling classes. We were bullied and cajoled into believing it was a bad idea and that the world would end if we were stupid enough to vote to leave.

The BBC and all of the London luvvies, from TV pundits to out-of-work actors, played their part. They failed. Britain wanted out.

Politicians have never been respecters of democracy and care little for the wishes of the people they represent. It was soon very clear that they would do anything in their power to water down and ultimately overturn the will of the electorate.

They see 2018 as the year when they can change the will of the people and put the final nails in the Brexit coffin.

Prepare to stay in the EU, as the people in power don’t want us to leave and they always get what they want.

I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, but it is plain to see that when global institutions such as banks and big business don’t want something, they will do anything they can to stop it happening. Brexit was never in their future plans and they will attempt 
to stop it by whatever means 
they can.

A Europe without borders is financially beneficial to banks and big business and a workforce of cheap labour drafted in from war-torn nations keeps costs down. Customs checks and tariffs are the scourge of the multi-nationals. These businesses do not care about countries or the welfare of workers. Their major concern is the bottom line and the profit for their shareholders.

I am shocked and surprised that Labour and its left-wing Momentum group now want to back such a capitalist cabal as the EU. After all, Tony Blair was elected to Parliament on the Labour promise that they would get Britain out of Europe.

Now it appears that the once Eurosceptic Jeremy Corbyn is actually on the side of the banks and a super state that will further erode the rights of workers.

In 2018, we will see Labour fight even harder to undermine any attempts to leave Europe. I am yet to understand how a party that once stood for worker’s rights can play so fast and loose with their wishes.

It was, after all, the Labour heartlands of the North that so convincingly voted to leave. It is a socialist imperative for Britain to be able to legislate to protect the working classes from an EU government which is in the pockets of the banks.

What makes the 2018 revolt of the metropolitan elite most detestable is that many will use the stagnation of Brexit and the inability of Theresa May to deliver her New Year’s promise as a means of furthering their political careers. There are those within her own party who see this coming year as a chance to change the Tories forever.

The only hope for Leave is that Europe itself will implode in 2018. Already mass immigration is fuelling the support of insidious far-right groups. Countries within the EU are already tightening up on the number of people they will let in. The rich north can no longer afford to fund Eastern Europe. Spain is wracked with division and the economies of Italy and Greece teeter on the edge of collapse.

It will only take one major political or economic event and the Euro project could be over.

Why then, when the writing is on the wall for the doomed super state, do so many politicians seek to go against democracy and try to overturn the referendum result?

I can only imagine that they have some vain and misguided belief that it is impossible to live without being in bed with Brussels. Such a view is the 
same as saying the only way to survive the Titanic was to be 
tied to the funnel.

Our politicians will do anything in 2018 to keep us on the sinking ship. Perhaps it is time to cast them all adrift regardless of their political bias and vote for someone who will promise to deliver Britain into the freedom we voted for.