Harry and Meghan divorce themselves from the working classes with their grandiose ideas – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

SO Harry and Meghan want to become independent from the Royals and earn their own money. Good for them. Up at 6am, Archie dressed and breakfast prepared by Meghan or even Harry.

As a family on to the childminder, car sharing of course, then ‘clock on’ for an eight-hour shift on a building site or maybe seven hours in a warm office for Meghan.

The Duke of Cambridge during a visit to Bradford this week.

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Home-made sandwich for lunch. Then ‘clock off’ from work around 4pm or 5pm, pick Archie up from childminder, then home for Meghan to get the evening meal ready while Harry amuses Archie. Meal over then Archie bathed and in bed by 7pm.

Harry and Meghan can then relax before bed at 10pm with a glass of red. Then it all begins again next morning at 6am for a further four days unless, of course, there’s overtime and extra shifts offered.

The Queen and the Duchess of Sussex.

Don’t forget the diaper-changing, laundry and the car may need washing. Remember Harry, in the spring and summer months the garden needs keeping tidy. How lucky you both are and must feel to be welcomed into our ‘working class’ world.

From: Janet Berry, Hambleton.

IT is sad to see Harry and Meghan making so many grave errors of judgment and how this sorry tale will end. I do worry that if Meghan does not get her own way she will leave Harry in a world of fawning celebrities which he will have little in common with. What a mess.

The sad thing is Harry has looked tense and miserable ever since the marriage – the only time he looked really happy was when his son was born. At least they will no longer be unable to lecture us about our carbon footprint when they are busy travelling between Canada and the UK.

From: Mr PL Taylor, Milner Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

HARRY and Meghan want to do their own thing and break free from the Royal Family. Yet Frogmore Cottage has just been refurbished at a cost of millions of pounds. Surely this money could have been better used to improve some form of public facility like street lighting and road surfaces in remote areas?

From: Bryan Hyman, Leeds.

THE news is full of sensationalised nonsense about Harry and Meghan. What has happened is just a natural progression. How many family businesses, no matter how far back they go, gets a member who decides he or she wants to go their own way? The Royals will change whatever the history.