Harry and Meghan should be allowed to do as they choose - but without any money from taxpayers - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

IT strikes me that the Duke of Sussex is well under the thumb of his Duchess.

She obviously wants the best of both worlds, Royal status and freedom to do whatever she fancies.

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What do you think of Harry and Meghan's decision? Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas /PA Wire

Clearly she has no sense of Royal protocol and they should have consulted the Queen before making such a statement.

Meghan is showing herself to be a divisive figure who has taken complete control over Prince Harry.

By all means let them do their own thing but not at the expense of the Privy Purse – and take away their grand titles.

From: Peter Rickaby, Selby.

PRINCE Harry and his wife wish to step back from royal duties, yet remain “royal” to enable them to earn money.

How very convenient, cake and eat it springs to mind. Don’t they realise that with privilege comes responsibility?

ANOTHER American woman destabilising our Royal Family. Let them do as they wish but please don’t make the British public have to pay for their selfish pursuit of the dollar.

If they need protection, they should pay for it themselves.