Here’s why Age UK must tackle perils of child-resistant container tops – Yorkshire Post letters

From: V Walker, Princess Avenue, Knaresbrough.

How can it become easier for the elderly to open bottles of pills?

ARE any other readers becoming increasingly frustrated with opening containers with child-proof tops, especially older people?

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Tops which need to be squeezed and turned or pushed and turned, or pulled up or down and turned, or any other double action are impossible for older people, as muscle force is lost in the hands.

Tins of food, and other items, can be difficult for the elderly to open.

Also affected are spray bottles now needing to be twisted and turned, or pulled or pushed as a double action together.

They do not always spray either, some of them just issuing a narrow stream.

Medicines in foil which used to be easy to access, now they need to be almost impossible to force to open.

These are not childproof as grandchildren or shop assistants now have to open the container which is then left without the 
top or only loose to get future access.

Go into any old people’s home and you will probably find different tool box tools used to try and force open these containers.

Age UK, take this matter up! Let’s get back to child-resistant child locks.