Here’s why student tuition fees are back on political agenda – Yorkshire Post letters

From: Councillor Nigel Boddy (Lib Dem), Fife Road, Darlington.

JEREMY Corbyn unexpectedly became Labour leader because – we are told – 500,000 students, never involved with politics before, joined Labour and voted for him. They did this, it is said, because of his tuition fees policy.

If Change UK supporters and MPs join the Lib Dems before June 7, they would have a chance to vote for the new Lib Dem party leader. There is nothing to stop Change UK MPs joining the Lib Dems now. One of them could run for the leadership as long as they join before June 7. Any one of them running on a free university education ticket would probably win decisively.

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Lib Dem party members voted at their conference for free university education and for a cap on fees whenever asked. Many new people would join the Lib Dems just to vote for Chuka Umunna in a leadership contest because of his stance on university fees but he must act quickly.

I have heard of Tory voters who joined Labour or affiliated organisations like the Fabians to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, hoping to do Labour a bad turn. They are probably a tiny minority. Tuition fees are back on the agenda.

We must now deliver Brexit

From: Paul Morley, Long Preston, Skipton.

If THE politicians and Remain supporters clamouring for a second referendum took the blinkers from their eyes they would realise that we had it last Thursday in everything but name. And, yet again, the voters with knowledge of modern history and experience of real life came up with the same result again – Brexit. All we need now is someone with the guts to carry it out as we were promised three years ago.

From: Howard Rainbow, Stanley, Wakefield.

NOW that the Brexit Party have won the most votes in the European elections, will we be having another vote because we didn’t know what we were voting for again?

From: Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor, York.

WHEN will they listen? All we ask for is to Leave without a deal. Yet after these MEP votes, they still talk about leaving with a deal. Why the dickens do they think that they have a right to be above us as if we don’t know a thing?

From: Terry Morrell, Yorkshire.

I LOOK forward to your next free advert for Lord Adonis in one of regular pieces of blather from the anti-democratic crowd who are still trying to reverse the 17.4 million vote for Brexit. After all his efforts, he managed zero success in the EU election.

Next PM needs iron resolve

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

MY thanks to Jayne Dowle for a most digestible summary of Theresa May’s ill-starred Westminster saga (The Yorkshire Post, May 27). It might be a gender thing, but I haven’t fully grasped the footwear relevance!

Let’s not forget that, above all else, the one who oversaw all the deceit and duplicity which led to Brexit and her demise, was one David Cameron. The incestuous, grim boots of his “Old Boys’ Club” are now on the march; bent on furthering the status quo; ensuring that, no matter what, they and theirs will stay on top of the pile.

From: John Van der Gucht, Cross Hills, North Yorkshire.

FOLLOWING Theresa May’s decision to bow to the inevitable, the runners and riders trying to replace her have shot out of the stalls without undue delay.

Will the favourite win, or will a run on the stand side by an outsider win it by a short neck? Whoever it is faces the same impasse in Parliament as she did, with the voting arithmetic unchanged.

I envisage continued stalemate, and a period of Tory back stabbing not unlike the Ides of March! The next PM will need iron resolve combined with supreme negotiating skills. I have no idea if there is anyone like that out there.

An insult to intelligence

From: John E Dodd, Belton, Doncaster.

I WONDER how many TV sports pundits and celebrities, who are making lots of money advertising gambling on TV and other media, are as keen to extol the virtues and pleasurable benefits to be enjoyed from partaking in the many types of gambling to their own children as they are to encourage other young people.

The idiotic advice to gamble sensibly and the slogan “when the fun stops, stop”, which translates as “when you can’t stop, stop” are an insult to people’s intelligence.

Qualifications are important

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

I WAS amazed to read (The Yorkshire Post, May 21) that anybody can set up a psychotherapy practice with little or no training. Surely this situation calls for a remedy? This is particularly important when the number of people with mental health problems is on the increase. Unqualified practitioners cannot be the answer.