STOCK: Sheffield housing.

House prices can tell us a lot about the economy

The recent headlines, in terms of business news, have seen interest rates go up, the pound weakened and house prices go down. But why should it matter that much if house prices have gone down? In any event, wasn’t it predominantly in London? Is there a significance of these factors, in terms of having an impact on consumption? If so, what effect does this have upon the business ecological system?

Rail chiefs are proposing measures to minimise delays at the Channel Tunnel after Brexit.

Paul Plummer: Post-Brexit plan to smooth way for freight traffic

THE topic that doesn’t take a summer holiday: Brexit. It’s the biggest issue to people in the United Kingdom according to national opinion polls and, with seven months to go until ‘Brexit Day’, the rail industry, with many other sectors, is looking to life after we leave the European Union (EU).


Britain’s defiance

AS the security services establish the motive of the suspect now in police custody following a suspected terrorist-related incident outside the Houses of Parliament, the exemplary reaction of the police – and general public – was, once again, the best riposte to those extremists who still seek to undermine this country’s values.

An Arriva bus - what more can be done to safeguard rural services?

GP Taylor: State must step in to give rural areas transport

I HAVEN’T driven my car for several days. This isn’t out of virtue. It’s just that I live in Whitby and last Thursday I found a parking space two streets from my house and didn’t want to risk having to park in Ruswarp over the Regatta Festival last weekend. This is quite normal for people who live on my street. Parking has replaced weather as a topic of conversation.

Andrewa Jenkyns MP and her young son Clifford.

Andrea Jenkyns: Malaria-free world will boost economies

WHEN the world works together, we can achieve extraordinary things. This is most pertinent in medical advancement and healthcare. Take polio for example. Cases have decreased by more than 99 per cent since 1988, from over 350,000 cases to just 22 in 2017. Now we must do the same for malaria.

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