Jeremy Kyle exposed an underclass that MPs ignored – Yorkshire Post letters

From: John Riseley, Harcourt Drive, Harrogate.

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been axed by ITV.

THERE may be much for which the Jeremy Kyle Show could be criticised. I suspect, however, that the great and the good are delighted by its departure less out of concern for its participants’ welfare than because it revealed a world which is an indictment of their own intellectual bankruptcy.

The remedies they can suggest forits dysfunctional inhabitants are no more than that we give them a bit more money, we persuade them to marry instead of cohabiting or that we somehow improve the education system so that the children they inadvertently create in their own image are magically transformed into useful members of society.

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Unlike its lie detector tests, the show’s paternity tests are extraordinarily reliable. This is of little avail, however, since almost none of the numerous sexual partners available to the female guests is capable of fathering a child with any reasonable prospect of success in life.

Any scheme purporting to improve the lot of women and children of the underclass must offer them a better alternative to these men.

Until our opinion-formers can get their heads around this, Jeremy Kyle should be compulsory viewing for them so that they can’t simply ignore the problem.