Leeds Conservative chief was right to quit over Boris Johnson: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: James Bovington, Horsforth, Leeds.

Boris Johnson has not convinced every Conservative voter. Picture: PA

I commend Conservative Jason Aldiss (The Yorkshire Post, July 25) for putting the interests of the country before those of the Tory Party, leading him to resign, given his principled opposition to Brexit.

Jason Aldiss: Boris Johnson is the Tory version of Jeremy Corbyn and MomentumIt’s a shame that his colleague MP Stuart Andrew doesn’t do the same but I won’t hold my breath. Stuart, for whom I voted in 2015 (there’s no fool like an old fool), crows that the recent coronation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister “was a major democratic process for the party”.

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Boris Johnson's rehashed promises to the North are nothing more than Groundhog DayWell, Stuart should reflect on the fact that the Chinese Communist Party, which elects its leaders in a similar way then foists them on the country via a rubber-stamping parliament,

Jason Aldiss says he has deep concerns about Boris Johnson leading the country and the Conservative Party.

at least has a higher proportion of members to population than the disappearing British Tories.

Boris Johnson is the winner Yorkshire cravesI often read about Stuart Andrew meeting one group or another – these are often young people – in connection with their careers or on the subject of climate change.

I have asked him to explain to my students why he supports cutting ties with the European Union in such a way that the very young people he purports to champion will be denied the opportunity to work, study, live and even travel freely throughout Europe.

So it will be fine for French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Norwegian students and scientists to be working together but Stuart is prepared to see ours excluded and thus deprived of economic, social and cultural benefits as Paris becomes as foreign a destination as Pyongyang.

Unless, like a number that I know of, you can obtain an Irish passport.

To say that I am disappointed with this self-serving opportunist of an MP is an understatement. Like so many, it seems he cares more about the survival of the wretched Tory Party than the wellbeing of the country.

Prove me wrong, Stuart, and campaign for a popular vote which will demonstrate that people have seen through the lies of the Leavers.

Twenty million people would likely vote to Remain if the franchise were extended to those aged 16 and 17 who will be most affected by a catastrophic no deal.

Meanwhile I hope that Mr Aldiss will find a new political role that will benefit from his honesty and undoubted political courage.

A good example to follow, Mr Andrew.