Letters: Behind the promises, May looks increasingly rudderless

Can Theresa May honour the wishes of Leave voters?
Can Theresa May honour the wishes of Leave voters?
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From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

I HOPE I am proved wrong, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that Theresa May is as much a ditherer as President Obama was. Both seem to have promised a lot, implied more, and then not delivered. They appear to lack the ability to analyse a problem and then establish firm principles. Instead both are expert at acquiring power but then don’t know what to do with it when they’ve got it.

The fact that Mrs May was a lukewarm Remainer confirms this. It was essential that she should have established early on after the referendum that our independence was not negotiable. That is a fundamental principle of any independent nation. Instead she hides behind the unconvincing view that stating a principle would be giving away our negotiating position. So what?

Indeed there is nothing to have a position about, apart from a trade deal with the EU, which is a preference not a necessity.

From: Tim Brake MP, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson.

THE Theresa May rhetoric is all about unifying the nation, but the reality is she cannot even unify her Brexit cabinet.

This is due to her own rudderless leadership, which six months on from the referendum is all over the place on such fundamental questions as whether to remain in the single market.

The PM alluded, quite rightly, to those who voted Leave in part because they felt locked out of economic prosperity. But far from addressing this aching problem, her government is becoming ever more right wing and divisive. Where is her regional strategy to bring prosperity to the countries and regions of the so-called “United Kingdom”? She has been contemptuous of the Northern Powerhouse. Her bungled mismanagement of Brexit has resulted in economic uncertainty and she is hell-bent on slashing public services. No evidence here that she intends helping the ‘jams’ (the Just About Managing). Her Premiership can’t survive forever on soundbites.

From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Shipley.

THE resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers is just another indication that going down the Brexit road is proving to be a disaster. Sir Ivan, the UK ambassador to the EU, has the reputation of being very competent and level-headed. Without doubt his going weakens the negotiating team (Sir Ivan has good contacts in Brussels).