A second referendum is the best solution to Brexit 'crisis' - Yorkshire Post letters

Would a second referendum put an end to division over Brexit? Photo: Stefan Rousse/PA Wire
Would a second referendum put an end to division over Brexit? Photo: Stefan Rousse/PA Wire

From: Frank Saggerson, Bramley, Rotherham.

SINCE 2016 I have watched this country descending deeper into the mire. We have had two Prime Ministers who have ignored such things as welfare, hospitals, police and the total confusion over Brexit.

We had a referendum which did not set out any guarantees or clear objectives and became pure guess work. Since then, the best that the Government has had to offer is an election, which is a complete waste of time and money. It will go no way to resolve the crisis we have had for over three years.

The simple and economical solution is a new referendum which offers only two options for voters – we leave Europe regardless of any consequences or we stay in the EU and put up with uncontrolled immigration.

The decision would be a final and binding decision by us, the people, not the rabble that is called Parliament.

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From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

BARRY Foster (The Yorkshire Post, November 25) suggests that the Electoral Commission should be stopping Gina Miller from promoting Remain.

Perhaps he also thinks that pro-Remain candidates and political parties should be banned from standing at the forthcoming election, or maybe go even further and create a one party (pro-Brexit) state.

From: Peter Rickaby, Selby.

A SHORT synopsis of Labour’s election manifesto reads “we promise to bankrupt the country within 12 months by borrowing endless vast amounts of money, increasing taxation to unprecedented levels, purloining everybody’s savings and pensions, nationalising whatever union barons demand.

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“When everything has gone belly up, then blame the Tories for applying prudence to financial affairs when in government.”

From: John Van der Gucht, Clayton Hall Road, Cross Hills.

ONE of the problems in this election is a lack of recognition that the country as a whole is deeply divided over Brexit.

This is borne out in your Letters page. Exhaustion at the unending process is the only common ground. Boris Johnson’s campaign claims that the country wants to ‘get Brexit done’ but is vague, to say the least, about what comes next.

Let’s face it, Boris does not do detail while Jeremy Corbyn is campaigning on letting the ‘people’ decide, which at least recognises there is a rift. Jo Swinson just wants ‘out’.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is ‘honest’ enough to proclaim WTO is the way forward, but is not standing! It is only when we are out that the real hard bargaining will begin. We will then come to realise that no, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

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