A totally dysfunctional Parliament is to blame for Brexit impasse – Yorkshire Post letters

Is Parliament to blame for the Brexit impasse?
Is Parliament to blame for the Brexit impasse?
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From: David Collins, Scissett.

CAN someone remind me what we used to blame for everything before Brexit and global warming?

Boris Johnson and Germany's leader, Angela merkel, hold a joint press conference.

Boris Johnson and Germany's leader, Angela merkel, hold a joint press conference.

Distortion, untruths and immorality of democracy as Brexit crisis deepens - Yorkshire Post letters

I think that most of the stories we read are in fact just that fiction made up by “experts” modelled on works by Hans Christian Anderson.

Why the property market would probably take a hit from a disorderly Brexit

There is just a focus on the long-held beliefs of those already committed one way or the other. Parliament is no use as MPs are not willing to do what has already been voted on.

Nigel Farage will be Prime Minister unless Brexit is delivered - Bill Carmichael

The members are more interested in protecting an outdated system with a built in mechanism for maintaining a two party state. Let’s close the deal and get on with the main problem – Parliament itself.

From: Ian Oglesby. Stamford Bridge, York.

IN accordance with the Act of Parliament, we must leave the EU by October 31 and the only option left for Remainers will be acts of violence which will not be surprising from those who despise the democratic referendum result.

From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

IN response to Leeds North West MP Alex Sobel (The Yorkshire Post, August 21), isn’t this about stopping Brexit, rather than stopping a no-deal Brexit?

And why is there an absolute arrogance among some politicians and political parties to even consider that they have a right to unite people against democracy?

From: S Hardy, Cottenham Road, Rotherham.

WHEN, and if we come out of the EU for our own ‘indepdenence’, the USA will finally take complete control under a weak Tory PM. The White House has been pulling the strings since 1945, more under Tory rule.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby.

WHAT will the Continentals do with all those tomatoes, fruit and veg, cars, wine and medicines if they stop exporting them to usK?

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

THANKS to Brian Sheridan for his brief and most effective rejection of our alleged “enslavement” by the EU (The Yorkshire Post, August 23).

Arch Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg, now Leader of the Commons, has repeatedly described us as a “vassal state” of the European Union. With chlorinated chicken the least imposition, how much longer can it be before an ill-judged Trump tweet hollers “vassal state – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”?