Action call over missed parking fines on foreign vehicles

From: John Shooter, 
Fellbeck, Harrogate.

YOUR article regarding the missed parking fines levied on foreign vehicles (The Yorkshire Post, August 2) set me thinking.

First of all I had no idea of the huge scale of monies owed just in parking charges. What about speeding fines?

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I imagine there is also another issue relating to the foreign driver (in particular drivers of HGVs) who is involved in an accident with a UK resident, who leaves his details and continues never to be seen or heard from again. Time for some action methinks:

1) Parking – standard fines automatically trebled and make this known to drivers of foreign-registered vehicles entering the UK – vehicle clamped upon expiry time, with absolutely no mercy shown, fine payable on the spot or vehicle loaded and taken to compound to be released within 24 hours on full payment plus additional £500 or vehicle scrapped as soon as possible.

2) Speeding – fixed penalty fines automatically trebled and make this known to drivers of foreign-registered vehicles entering the UK – enforced at exit ports.

Surely now it must be easy to monitor foreign vehicles with all the fixed and mobile ANPR automatic number plate recognition systems which are linked to the current police vehicle surveillance systems permanently now installed on the UK network of motorways and main routes?

The solution is simple: ANPR camera systems (if not already) must be installed at all exit ports / ferry terminals etc, where any transgressor will only proceed further on foot or no further depending upon the circumstances, unless he pays his dues.

As a country, we cannot afford for the current situation to continue – for one thing it is unfair on UK drivers.

From: Graham Carter, Cropton, Pickering.

YOUR report on the drivers of foreign vehicles evading parking fines is only the tip of the iceberg, I suggest. Far more serious offences are being committed by those highlighted in respect 
of insurance, MOT equivalent and driving licences on a daily basis.

It is not unusual for 
foreign visitors to exceed 
the six months grace period 
and to continue using their vehicles in contravention of our laws for anything up to several years or until they are unlucky enough to be stopped by the police.

It’s time for this loophole to be plugged.