Aire memorial plaque missing

From: Paul Cockroft, Shawcara Court, Tingley, Leeds.

YOUNG children and adults were swept away and they drowned when the river Aire burst its banks and flooded our city during November in 1866. Our history records show that the Aire here in Leeds overflowed in October 1775 and once again in February 1795.

Back in 1933, the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Alderman RH Blackburn, helped to erect a memorial on Meadow Lane to remind folk about the River Aire overflowing and flooding the city of Leeds.

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When I drove past the memorial site, I noticed that the large bronze plate had been removed from the stone bloc. Has this bronze memorial plate been stolen and sold to a Leeds scrap metal dealer, or has Leeds City Council removed it, for cleaning purposes?


From: Barbara Hogg, Hull Road, Hornsea.

I APPLAUD the plans of the Street Angels Trinity in Hull to emulate the successful initiative of the Princes Avenue Methodist Church making the Old Town a safer place for people the worse for wear after a night out.

What a pity, therefore, that the church in which they will be based has announced plans to host a real ale festival in April (Yorkshire Post, January 11). How do they reconcile these two objectives?


From: Sylvia Wood, Lynton Avenue, Boston Spa.

I’M sure I’ll be one of many voices raised in favour of a new Royal Yacht to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. But absolutely no public money should be spent on it. May I suggest that UK banks, oil companies and any other large corporations which make huge profits out of the people of this country are co-erced into paying for it by Messrs Cameron and Clegg?