All MPs betray Yorkshire over HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail downgrade – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Jim Smith, Whitkirk.

The future of rail services remains in the spotlight after the eastern leg of HS2 was axed. by Boris Johnson's London Government.

DO James Bovington and other correspondents really believe that this Government is going to give Leeds and West Yorkshire the transport system that we have earned – and deserve?

The eastern leg of HS2 was never coming to Yorkshire, even though the case economically is more proven than the Manchester leg.

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We in Yorkshire pay the same rate of tax as those in the South-East. So why the massive disparity, in transport spending, the answer is, that the MPs for Yorkshire and the North-East, over a good number of years, have let us down very badly and are doing so once again.

The future of rail services remains in the spotlight after the eastern leg of HS2 was axed. by Boris Johnson's London Government.

Only 13 miles of electrification, to the east of Leeds, is needed to allow electric trains to Scotland via Leeds, is this ever going to happen? Not in my lifetime.

From: JR Wainwright, Tingley.

IT was virtually certain that Labour politicians would condemn the cancellation of the eastern leg of HS2, because they can promise to spend as much as they like on such projects without the inconvenience of having to balance the country’s books.

Most ordinary voters, however, won’t care two hoots over the cancellation of an overpriced vanity project that most of them would never have used anyway. No, it’s not a betrayal, but rather it’s a long overdue victory for common sense.

The future of rail services remains in the spotlight after the eastern leg of HS2 was axed. by Boris Johnson's London Government.

It has long been clear that the projected £100bn-plus costs are exorbitant, and even more unaffordable now than when it was dreamt up. The economic case for it was always weak, and changes in work practices and passenger usage brought about by the Covid pandemic such as working from home and video meetings make them look even more absurd.

The only mistake they’ve made is not biting the bullet and cancelling the whole project and spending all that money on transport (and other) projects that will really benefit ordinary people.

From: Richard Ramsden, Halifax.

I WAS pleased to hear reports that the controversial eastern leg of HS2 from Birmingham to Leeds is to be abandoned, along with the new Northern Powerhouse Rail line between Leeds and Manchester.

Major transport infrastructure projects such as high-speed rail (HSR) new motorways (£27bn) should be primarily based on the essential need to combat climate change by elimination of net CO2 emissions by 2038.

The net financial and economic growth benefits of HSR as well as major road schemes are too high when the carbon costs of construction are weighed in the balance against the priorities of future carbon and environmental savings.

Rail electrification will often give quicker benefits for the local environment and the global carbon budget, and there is a danger that long-term projects (HSR or major roads) will take resources from shorter term enhancements (e.g. regional rail improvements or local buses or active travel) that will benefit more people more quickly.

Since 2010, environmental progress has faltered with, for example, a failure to implement zero-carbon requirements for new buildings, and slow progress on renewables including tidal and direct solar as well as wind power.

From: Peter Brown, Leeds.

DESCRIPTIONS of Leeds’ cycle lanes as “deserted” is wrong. Despite the autumnal weather, I’m not alone in using them.

Similarly, talk of “millions of pounds being thrown at them” is inaccurate, or at least misleading.

Greater spending might mean they are better maintained, swept more often, and added to – which would encourage usage.

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