April 10: Personal touch of a letter still brings delight

From: Elizabeth H Bell, Newland Avenue, Driffield.

REFERRING to the letter from Mr D Smith of Hull (The Yorkshire Post, March 28), I couldn’t agree with him more on his remarks regarding receiving letters, cards and photos in preference to “technical stuff,” for want of a better phrase.

In my working life, admittedly many years ago now, I was a shorthand/audio typist so I am reasonably intelligent but I have no desire whatsoever to become computer literate.

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I have one particular friend who did her best to persuade me to be just that, then she admitted in a phone conversation that she had been on the verge of throwing her computer out of the window.

I do, however, have a word-processor which I really like but now I have great difficulty in finding even the “daisy wheels” to keep that going because of other technology obviously being preferable to many people.

I have to say I also become immensely irritated when people (especially on TV and radio) say: “Nobody writes letters these days.” How little they know. I have several friends, both near and far, old and young, who regularly write me most interesting letters, often with photos enclosed, which I couldn’t be more delighted to receive, and of course I take great pleasure in replying.