April 18: Legitimate to target character of man who would be PM

From: Stanley Brodie QC, Hollybush, Ayrshire.

IT is difficult to understand your columnist Tom Richmond’s shock (The Yorkshire Post, April 13 at the remarks made by Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, in questioning the integrity of Ed Miliband.

Shafting one’s own brother with the aid of Unite trade union in order to attain leadership of the Labour party suggests a ruthless, and at the same time weak, streak in his character.

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The lure of 10 Downing Street may be more than sufficient to tempt him to enter into a coalition agreement with the SNP, if that turns out to be the only way of getting there.

The SNP are hell bent on getting rid of Trident; and Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear that she would aim to make the elimination of our nuclear deterrent a term of any such agreement.

So it is legitimate for the Defence Secretary to point out the perceived deficiencies in Mr Miliband’s character, and to warn the electorate that the future of Trident may be at risk should his ambitions drive him towards agreeing to its abolition in exchange for power.

If he could treat his brother in the way he did, it may be a short step for him towards accepting the demands of the SNP, even though that might weaken Britain’s defences. Stabbing in the back may be an extravagant phrase, but it’s not too far wide of the mark.

I would further remind your newspaper that Mr Miliband has not been slow to hurl insults at the Prime Minister and the Government, and to reuse the slogans of class war. Bullingdon toffs; supposed improper connections with tax avoiders and evaders; and other such attacks on their integrity. All, course, under the protection of Parliamentary privilege. The language used by Mr Fallon was tame by comparison. You ask where are the statesmen? I ask where are the balanced and responsible journalists?

From: David Treacher, Hull.

WE are coming up to the General election shortly and must make sure we vote. We must remember that we had to fight for this right. This only comes every so often, and it’s a chance to either put your MP back or vote them out.

It’s no good moaning if someone gets back in who you find to be weak or not much good or on the other hand someone who is good and assists you and maybe someone has. Often it’s people who get in with a recount with very few votes and you can make a difference. Just think: if everyone voted, what would the result be?