April 30: The puzzling problem of Sudoku grids

From: Mr TW Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

HAVING solved the Hard Sudoku with relative ease (The Yorkshire Post, April 25), I turned my attention to the easy puzzle. I was surprised when I ground to a halt and assumed I had been careless. A second attempt had the same result so I took a 50:50 which failed to work. A third attempt also ground to a halt but this time I chose what turned out to be the correct 50:50 option and the puzzle worked out, by which time I was suffering from eye-strain.

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The so-called “easy” puzzle should be re-named the “frustrating” puzzle because you print it in an absurdly small grid which isn’t big enough to easily enter all the options, nor to rub them out without erasing adjacent numbers.