August 17: Should I withhold police cash... and buy a bat?

From: John Craven, Green Road, Baildon.

WHAT an excellent article by Jayne Dowle following the statements by police forces that burglaries will now not be responded to or investigated (The Yorkshire Post, August 13).

As someone who worked in law enforcement for 25 years, I now find all my respect for the police gone. What are the so called Police Commissioners and Chief Constables doing about it? The answer is absolutely nothing. A united front by these people would force the Goverment to revise their budget on policing.

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I feel that I would be justified in withholding the part of council tax relating to policing. With the money I save, should I buy an alarm or a baseball bat?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

HOW I agree with Sir Bernard Ingham (The Yorkshire Post, August 12) about the futile waste of police funds in pursuing investigations into the sexual proclivities of Sir Edward Heath. I was amazed to see a police inspector outside Sir Edward’s former home asking for “victims” to come forward. The only thing missing was a sign saying “Apply for free money here”. The police should concentrate on solving outstanding crimes and not on ruining the reputations of former politicians.