August 29: Sheer poetry of Fred Trueman’s bowling action

From: Richard Harrison, Teesdale.

THE photograph (The Yorkshire Post, August 22) of Fred Trueman in his follow through has always been one of the finest pictorial tributes to the final act in delivery by a quick bowler. There are fine bowlers who have taken more test wickets than FST, there are bowlers, who in their own right were breathtaking to watch – Holding, Roberts, Donald, the Asian aces Waqar and Wasim, and I have just time to mention Lillee and Thomson.

No bowler, however, has ever displayed the perfect poetry in motion that was Fred. He turned in, and with smooth athleticism moved through the gears, on a run up that showed poise and balance, in delivery stride chest fully facing the umpire, left hand seemingly reaching – clawing for the sky, the whole body sliding or dragging on the toe of his right boot.

Now came that little bit of magic – left foot landed, left leg braced as a fulcrum over which his full body pivoted with now the right hand and ball reaching the full height of the action, said hand and ball pulled through, hand going past the left thigh and the chest now facing away from the umpire.

You were told it was a sideways game! Believe it when you are told; there has never been nor likely to be a more bewitching sight in sport than Fred Trueman off his full run bowling with intent.