Barry Sheerman should say sorry to Huddersfield constituents for his extraordinary outburst in Parliament: Yorkshire Post Letters

Barry Sheerman has been criticised for his recent conduct in Parliament.
Barry Sheerman has been criticised for his recent conduct in Parliament.
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From: Michael J Robinson, Berry Brow, Huddersfield.

With reference to recent correspondence about the reprehensible behaviour of MPs like Barry Sheerman, upon returning to Parliament, I wrote the following to my MP on September 28: “Mr Sheerman, I saw TV coverage of your representation of your Huddersfield constitutents on the return to the House of Commons. Now that you have had time to regain your composure, were you proud of what you saw of your appearance in contributing to that ‘debate’?”

I have not yet had a response.

This is where every Yorkshire MP now stands on Brexit
From: Tim Bradshaw, Slaithwaite.

Following Barry Sheerman’s outburst in Parliament, I hope that the Huddersfield MP’s blood pressure reading is now back to a safe level according to his age. He should be very careful of the consequences of his public outburst if he wishes to represent the wishes of his voters in the future.

From: Mrs G Rickaly, Ashdene Crescent, Fartown, Pudsey.

I feel sad, angry and scared about what is happening to our country.

When we voted to leave the EU we had a weak Prime Minister who did not fight for a good deal. We now have a Prime Minister who is trying his best to honour the referendum.

How sad to read that the Remainers will do anything to discredit Boris Johnson and ruin his career just so they can have their own way. What hypocrisy. This is not democracy.

From: Brian Johnston, Rigton Drive, Burmantofts, Leeds.

The recent decision by the Supreme Court to rule on the political process sets a dangerous precedent for the future of democracy. Who rules the country? Will the courts become a convenient vehicle for wealthy elites, the likes of a Gina Miller, frustrated by the democratic process, to resort to the courts in order to try and get their way?

From: Robert Holman, Marsden Court, Farsley.

Watching and listening to a Minister’s interview on Brexit on TV, his response was to say he was “mildly optimistic”. What has happened to the old positive-plus attitude of our politicians?

From: Shaun Kavanagh, Leeds.

What on earth is going on in the House of Shambles? We now have the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, at loggerheads with the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson. Neither is fit to be PM – let alone run a country. Corbyn can’t answer simple questions while Swinson will never accept the referendum result. What type of leader would she prove to be?

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

Why did so many Labour MPs dismiss Boris Johnson’s attempted deal with the EU before they had even had a chance to read it? I despair.