Being ruined by bank is like never-ending bereavement

From: Gloria Lilley, Secretary, Darby’s Glass & DIY Limited, Windy Hill Lane, Marske by the Sea, Redcar.

I WAS astounded to learn that no crime has been committed with regard to HSBC because the bank is a corporate business and not a “person”. My business is me and my family, who for the last eight years have never had a holiday, never been paid a proper wage and four members have never been paid at all.

We work seven days a week, our lives have been ruined by HSBC’s practices. I can only liken our situation as to that of bereavement which is never ending. The stress begins when you wake up and ends at night when you fall asleep – if you fall asleep. Why is HSBC allowed to get away with so much?

From: Jim Beck, Lindrick Grove, Tickhill, Doncaster.

AS usual the politicians are too busy back-biting to see the point of Tory treasurer Lord Fink’s statement; he is quite right, all of us do try to avoid paying tax. Many of us have channelled income into buying a pension fund; a budding entrepreneur will of course take advantage of a start-up tax break; most of us have put funds into TESSAs and ISAs with the connivance of successive governments, and avoided some income tax.

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

WHY all the artificial holier-than-thou stuff about tax avoidance being whipped up by Labour? There’s nothing illegal about tax avoidance – I’d avoid tax, too, if I had the chance. And millions of quite ordinary people avoid tax by having an ISA savings account. It’s tax evasion which is illegal, as the BBC among other biased media sources, knows, but chooses not to make terribly clear.

From: Peter Asquith-Cowen, First Lane, Anlaby, Near Beverley, East Yorkshire.

I THINK Ed Miliband has been a bit of an opportunist and rather hypocritical. I’m sure there are plenty of Labour donors who have done just the same or similar as Lord Fink and also Lib Dem donors. The trick is not to get found out. The country needs to raise taxes and off-shore tax havens should be abolished. The very wealthy can afford to hire the services of accountants. Jo Bloggs can’t and public servants are paid for out of the taxes anyway.

The rich have an unfair advantage over the rest of us, by virtue of their wealth and ability to hire these skilled, if unscrupulous, accountants to do their tax dodging for them.