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The future of Britain's steel industry is again in the balance after British Steel went into liquidation.
The future of Britain's steel industry is again in the balance after British Steel went into liquidation.
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From: Michael Meredith, Royston Avenue, Sheffield.

I WATCHED the D-Day commemorations in Portsmouth, and in France, on the BBC. Both brought home the sacrifice made by all who took part in the Second World War. Thousands and thousands fell fighting to protect our democracy, sovereignty and freedom. It is only right that we remember them.

Why it is still essential to save our steel industry – Nic Dakin

It makes us all think where our parents and grandparents were in the war. My father was in the Royal Engineers and fought at Dunkirk. My father-in-law landed on Sword Beach on D-Day plus one. He fought his way all the way through to the and of the war. He was also chosen for guard duty at the Nuremberg Trials.

Watching the archive footage of the men and equipment used in the war – the ships, planes, tanks, guns and bombs – brought home how vital steel production had been in the war effort. Steel also played a major part in the rebuilding after the war was over.

Thankfully both my father and father-in-law returned from the war – both taking up their jobs in the steel works in Sheffield and Rotherham. My father worked for many steel manufacturing companies including Edger Allen, Daniel Doncaster and Sons, Brown Bailey Steels amd British Steel just to mention a few. My father-in-law worked at Steel Peech and Tozer – now the Magna Science Adventure Centre.

When we joined the then EEC on January 1, 1973, it was said that we did so as a way to avoid economic decline. At that time Sheffield was world famous for steel production, supporting tens of thousands of jobs in South Yorkshire, Humberside and North Lincolnshire. The majority of steel manufacturing jobs in our area have been lost since we joined the EU. These steel jobs still exist, but are predominately now in China. I personally blame mismanagement by the EU and a succession of British governments.

The Chinese government gives huge subsidises to companies that export to the West. This has led to China now becoming the world’s largest steel manufacturer. In my opinion, it is now impossible for British steel manufacturing to compete against unfair Chinese state subsidies.

I have decided to attend the Brexit Party conference at the end of the month where policy development is to be discussed and preparation for the next general election. I look forward to meeting like minded-citizens who want to change politics for good. Believe in Britain. Make British. Buy British.