Benefits of a good singsong

From: David Treacher, Nelson Road, Hull.

WITH so much unemployment and people on low income, 
many can’t go out for meals and visits to the theatre and the pictures.

But what they can do is attend a carol service or concert this Christmas time at their local church, which is free.

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After having a good singsong, go home feeling full of cheer and refreshed to face the world the next day.

City of Culture

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston, Skipton.

HOW can any city (Yorkshire Post, November 21) where the electorate returned John Prescott to Westminster for 40 years have any concept of culture?

Safety hazards

From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

IF safety charity Brake are successful in their campaign to ban the use of hands-free phones in cars wouldn’t it be logical to ban radios, CD players and cigarette lighters?

And are not the benefits of Sat Nav offset somewhat by its potential as a safety hazard?

Ban drivers

From: Roger M Dobson, Ash Street, Crosshills, Keighley, West Yorkshire.

SO the problem of drivers using mobile phones has reared its ugly head again.

When will the Minister for Justice come to his senses and see that those convicted of the offence must be disqualified from driving because levying a fine just does not work?

Football crazy

From: Bernard Robinson, Midland Terrace, Hellifield, Skipton.

I THINK the management at BT Sport need a brain transplant. What is the point in paying £897m so that some of their customers can watch a lot of overpaid wooden tops kicking a bag of wind about?