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Should Gps carry out home visits?
Should Gps carry out home visits?
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From: Terry Watson, Adel.

Waiting times at A&E departments are a disgrace but hospitals are not to blame. GPs are the culprits.

Should GPs provide out-of-hours cover?

Should GPs provide out-of-hours cover?

When patients have to wait two or three weeks to be seen by a doctor, what is the alternative?

Five things politicians can do to improve our NHS: Yorkshire GP Nick Summerton

Now the GPs are trying to do away with home visits, although I thought our practice had already done that. Why are so many GPs part time and able to do locum work at weekends or evenings?

Why GP home visits are no longer a priority for doctors like me – Nick Summerton

The 10-minute time allowed for an appointment is ridiculous.

If you have to make another appointment, that is surely adding to the appointment waiting list?

The Government must make all GP practices have open surgeries, as well as appointments, instead of having to go to A&E. It is time that GPs put patient care first, for without patients they have no job.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

CAN anyone explain why the duty to provide home visits is not in the contracts of GPs? Surely they’re morally duty to attend the homes of those who are too frail to attend a surgery?

After all, GPs are the frontline of the NHS. If they provide a round-the-clock service, as they should, it will ease the burden on our overstretched hospitals like Leeds General Infirmary.