Blame politicians not the farmers

From: JW Buckley, Aketon, Pontefract.

with reference to the BBC One Panorama programme “The Money Farmers” (March 5), what a one-sided, over-simplified, distorted view on the matter.

The European Union farm policy is set up by politicians. Panorama should have interviewed politicians and asked them why they set up such a complex mess.

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It’s so complex, they can’t even administer it effectively. That is where Panorama should have looked.

I trust the programme will try to redeem itself, by asking about the scandal of farmers struggling to make a profit while being expected to keep the population supplied with food.

Why I agree with Nick

From: Mrs Marjorie Spensley, High House Mews, Addingham.

I COULD not disagree more with the recent letters from Tricia Hanson and Mrs Hird regarding Countdown. I think that the new host, Nick Hewer, is absolutely splendid; he puts everyone at ease.

I am nearly 95 years of age and spend much time indoors. I am an avid fan. I think that Nick – in a different way – is as good as the wonderful Richard Whiteley. Long may he reign.

Close encounter

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York.

IT really flummoxes me that people telephone the police when they see bright lights and strange objects in the sky.

The police have enough on their plates trying to solve strange goings on down here on Mother Earth.