Bleak future if Boris Johnson wins this Brexit election – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Paul Brown, Kirkgate, Shipley.

AS we approach the most important election for years, it should not be a single issue election. After 40 years of a market-driven economy, people are desperate for an end to austerity, privatisation and never-ending wars.

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They need what only Labour is proposing and could deliver in office – policies to promote full employment; public ownership of key industries and utilities; a reinvigorated strategy for regional economic development; a more progressive tax system and a major redistribution of wealth and power in favour of working people and their families.

Boris Johnson on the campaign trail ahead of polling day.

Labour’s policies are not “hard left” as the mainstream media keep telling us – they are policies of common sense and fairness (much like we had after the Second World War). Indeed, they were upheld by both Labour and Tory governments, particularly on that of council house building.

Brexit is an issue, but should not be the be-all and end-all. If we get the Tories back in power, then the future will be bleak indeed.

Do you think jeremy Corbyn would make a good Prime Minister?

From: M Oliver, Wetherby Road, Harrogate.

THE stark question facing this country is this: Which would be worse, a hard-left Corbyn government or a hung Parliament?

Anyone who has lived 
through the misery of rampant union bullying, both of their 
own members, and the rest of the nation, would not ever 
want a hard-left government again.

But almost as worrying, and a lot more likely, is that voter indecision and complacency will result in the paralysis of yet another hung Parliament for the next five years.

The fact is (and the polls consistently show it) that there is only one party that can save us from a Corbyn government, or a hung Parliament.

Every honest person knows that they need to support their local Conservative candidate to achieve this.

From: Andrew Patrick, Mill Street, Harbury.

CALL this democracy? Our present voting system might work for horse racing, but as a way of choosing our MPs to serve in the House of Commons, it’s a shambles.

When will we have a proportional system? The single transferable vote isn’t complicated for the voter, and it works.

Why not lower the voting age to 16? And while we’re about it, why don’t we vote on Sundays?