Blocking immigrants from Britain is going wrong for the Government - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Paul Brown, Bents Green Road, Sheffield.

Home Secretary Priti Patel visiting Holmes Mill in Clitheroe. Photo: Kelvin Stuttard.

In blocking immigrants from coming to Britain from Eastern Europe, the Government has achieved the exact opposite of the outcome we would have wished for.

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Some politicians have apparently been of the opinion that these immigrants could be replaced by British citizens from inner city housing areas where unemployment rates are high.

In forming this opinion, they have forgotten that hard work on a farm for the summer will pay for little more than the bus fare home rather than any comfortable accommodation in our overheated housing market.

The people arriving here in significant numbers are refugees and unauthorised immigrants from other countries where their primary aim is to escape poverty and warfare rather than to make a contribution to our economic life.

Whilst we sympathise with people who find themselves in this unpleasant situation, we are not taking the measures to help them lead a better life in their own countries so they will continue to try to make their way to Britain.