Body of evidence on Richard III

From: Nicholas Hutton, Kenwood Road, Sheffield.

ALAN Carcas claims that Richard III was Duke of York (Yorkshire Post, February 12). This is a common error, he was Duke of Gloucester. In honour of this, the current Duke of Gloucester is patron of the Richard III Society.

Richard had many close connections with the North where he was regarded highly as a fair and efficient administrator.

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However, the campaign to lay him to rest in York Minster is unlikely to succeed as the permission to disturb his remains in Leicester included agreeing to re-bury him close by, with Leicester Cathedral the most obvious choice. Perhaps it’s a pity but the rules of disinterring bodies include agreeing in advance where they are to be buried.

Policy matters

From: Coun Andrew Lewer, Leader, Derbyshire County Council.

CONSERVATIVE-run Derbyshire County Council has frozen council tax for the third year running. However, your readers should know that Labour voted against a zero per cent increase; instead they spoke up for an increase in line with that of the Labour police commissioner that would leave Band D taxpayers facing a £1,099 bill for the county portion of the council tax.

No matter how hard the economic times, it will always be tax, borrow, spend and waste with Labour. Derbyshire cannot afford to have them back.

Age of reason

From: David Treacher, Nelson Road, Hull.

WHY not put in place an upper age limit for the election of a new pope (Yorkshire Post, February 12)? If the post was restricted to cardinals aged under 60, you would have a pontiff who could remain in office for a long period of time.