Boris Johnson is 'worst excuse for PM ever' - What Yorkshire Post readers had to say over rail improvements

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has downgraded the improvements to the rail network in the North - and you are not happy.

As well as scrapping HS2, his heralded Intergrated Rail Plan has fallen short of what people expect. Here's what you had to say in response.

Lorraine McReight - Boris Johnson is not really a details kind of man, is he? And that’s the best I can say about him..

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Keith Cross - Not really a details man, not really a policy man, not really an ethics man, not really a PM.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson looks at a new electric shuttle bus as he leaves the Port of Tyne, in South Shields

Michael Stringer - Or most obvious leader given his extensive history of lying...he’s lying.

David Beevers - Worst excuse for a PM we have ever had. Even Jeremy Corbyn could have done a better job.

Peter Jackson - He’s says he hasn’t lied. He pledged Leeds would get HS2. It won’t. Work that out. Don’t expect votes – he’ll be out the door regardless of whether we wanted a train to get us to London quicker (I didn’t). That is not the point at issue.

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Paul Hardwick - Or just couldn’t care less.

Mikki Leigh - You know he hasn’t read the details.

Ieuan Evans - Last year the media were saying that HS2 was a waste of money, they have changed their tune.

John Alan Ramsden - Northern power cut by a political party that keeps proving it stands against Yorkshire. Come on Conservative Party supporters, give me one reason to not believe this. No, I said one reason.

Chris Allen - Crossrail for the South, his big success, is four years late and has a tripled budget. He’s got nothing but bluster.

William Thornton - Everything the clown does is not about the end result but the process – using taxpayers’ money to employ consultants and advisors and accountants. Whether anything ever gets built is irrelevant.

Giles Dyche - So we’re being screwed over again – what a surprise.

Janet Doyle - With the rail and social care plan, they are doing a Margaret Thatcher and the North is paying for the South.

Patt Blackett - Shouldn’t it be disintegrated rail plan? Boris strikes again.

Dudley Corson - Like everything that this man says, it is just mindless twaddle.

Brian Hill - The problem we have in this country is not that we have an utterly stupid person of a prime minister but we have utterly stupid people who put him there.

Patt Blackett - The next election will show what the people think of that incompetent fool, the worst PM in history.

Stuart Robinson - Deluded fools for voting for Boris Johnson in the first place.

Andrew Simmons - Drive instead. Much better. Don’t have to share your space with anyone, no time constraints, no worrying about schedules. Get in, drive there, park in any car park you want, leave when you want.

David Speight - I am pleased HS2 is not going ahead here in Leeds.

Andrew Taylor - We need to upgrade the Northern tracks. HS2 should be completely scrapped.

Rachel Henley - My heart aches at how this government is ripping the country apart. We are just ‘for sale’. Traded for an elite.

Mike Grierson - You might get a job as a train driver, Boris Johnson, in a couple of years time because you certainly won’t be prime minister.

Gerard Quinn - Perhaps it would be a good idea if some our local MPs visited their constituencies. We haven’t seen Barry Sheerman since election day in 2019.

Malc Brown - HS2 was never going to be any use to South Yorkshire.

Diana Whitham - Well they did promise us electric trains in the late 1950s. This is what they call levelling up – could not give a damn about the old or poor.

Paul Waring - Should electrify the whole Hull to Liverpool line, and the whole Newcastle to the East Midlands line. People in the North want quality trains to get them to other places in the north, not just to London.

Darren Feeney - Full devolution for Yorkshire and Lancashire.