Breakdown in communication with TV system

From: Maureen Hunt, Woolley, Near Wakefield.

FOR several months, our DVD and video recorder refused to record the cowboy films my husband enjoys watching. The nice man who had come to our aid on three or four occasions no longer answered his phone. I can’t think why.

After several weeks of gentle persuasion, my husband finally relented and we opted to get Sky as our mutual Christmas present.

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It was installed and our daughter-in-law gave us instructions on Christmas Eve which resulted in a few days of successful recording and viewing.

However, this was shortlived and I had to contact the appropriate department and speak to a young woman whose name I couldn’t hear. It was her job to tell me how to sort the box out. This was difficult as I couldn’t understand a word she said, apart from a frequent phrase: “Wait a wee moment”.

I don’t know what nationality she was but, apart from her confusing accent, she also spoke very quickly and indistinctly.

As the phone is in the kitchen and the television is in the dining room, reading glasses were required to see the handset and long distance glasses to view the screen, constantly changing two pairs of spectacles, holding the handset and telephone, and endeavouring to obey orders was not easy.

However, after half an hour, the box was fixed and I was frazzled. It is my New Year’s wish that Sky only employees people who speak English as their first language to give their customers instructions over the phone. It is plain Yorkshire gumption.