Brexit will be a success if Britain pulls together – Yorkshire Post Letters

Boris Johnson looks to the skies after becoming Prime Minister.
Boris Johnson looks to the skies after becoming Prime Minister.
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From: Alec Denton, Guiseley.

IF Bill Carmichael (The Yorkshire Post, December 27) honestly believes it is only EU bureaucrats who are the pits, then he has led a very sheltered life. In my experience, bureaucrats are the same the whole world over.

Remain-backing Mary Creagh lost her Wakefield seat on election night.

Remain-backing Mary Creagh lost her Wakefield seat on election night.

Why we are blessed to be British in new decade offering golden opportunities after Brexit: Bernard Ingham

We need relief from Mr Carmichael’s weekly moaning and whingeing about the EU and ‘Remoaners’ and if he does indeed receive a post bag full of “ceaseless toddler tantrums”, then it is a response to his own inability to move on.

‘Little Englanders’ risk destroying United Kingdom due to Brexit arrogance – Yorkshire Post Letters

I was never a Johnson fan, but Boris is absolutely correct to say the principal task now is to unite the country and move forward.

The divisions opened since the referendum campaign began have to be healed, we must now be positive and work together to repair the damage caused by those with extreme views from both sides over the last four years.

Defeated MP Mary Creagh should own up to her Brexit betrayal in Wakefield before blaming Jeremy Corbyn – Yorkshire Post Letters

We need to use our energy to regain our status and pride, as a nation others look up to, rather than pity for the sorry mess from which we are just emerging.

He also berates Labour and here I do agree with him, its current state is a national tragedy.

The two-party system relies on a strong and coherent opposition to control the extremist excesses of whichever party in is power and the sooner Labour’s current obsolete ‘leadership’ are gone the better.

A day is a long time in politics and hopefully there are good people in the Labour movement who have been forced to keep a low profile by the Momentum bullies, but who will now surface.

Finally we should not lose sight of the fact that the EU is, and for the foreseeable future will continue to be, our major trading partner and if Mr Carmichael’s rudeness is typical of the Tory right, there is little wonder negotiations have been difficult.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

“WHAT went wrong?” they bleat. About 11 Ex-Labour MP’s that lost their seats in December, including Mary Creagh, Emma Reynolds and Anna Turley, have written a letter blaming the hierarchy of the Labour 

Of course they have a point, but people like Mary Creagh are still stuck with their heads in the sand by blaming anyone but themselves.

Mary Creagh discounted the overwhelming majority in her own Wakefield constituency to leave the EU by sticking two fingers up to every one of them because she, as a Remainer, knew better.

No, she she didn’t.