Britain missed opportunity of having global manufacturers

From: R Hanson, Swallow Lane, Golcar, Huddersfield.

WITH there being no British company on a global scale at this time able to be the main contractor for building wind turbines all that British companies can hope to be is to be able to supply components to foreign global players (Yorkshire Post, December 20).

There could, with Government support, have been such companies such as English Electric but manufacturing in Britain became a dirty word. Also the then Little Britain Monopolies and Mergers Commission did not realise that competition was going worldwide until it was too late and stopped British companies merging in the name of British competition to become world players.

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A further reason that Britain has few world-class companies at all in manufacturing is that when British entrepreneurs get a manufacturing business up and running that is becoming successful they sell out to a foreign world-class player.

Yorkshire will not become a world manufacturing site for wind turbines.

From: Ross Taggart, The Avenue, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees.

AS it appears that the only comprehensible reason for continuing to build the ludicrous wind turbines is on the grounds of providing employment, I believe I have the perfect answer.

Why not construct and erect gigantic inflatable dummy figures on our hilltops instead of the said turbines? Their energy producing potential would not be a great deal less after all.

I would suggest two versions: one version could represent cartoon characters; the other version local and national politicians. They would obviously require clear labelling so that the general public could readily distinguish one version from the other.

Employment and tourism would be enhanced. The only drawback I could envisage is that in times of high winds they would require deflating – that, of course, could prove impossible in the case of the political versions.

From: Keith Hill, Greenleafe Avenue, Doncaster.

I AM fast coming to the conclusion that wind-farms produce little more than hot-air and windbags (Yorkshire Post, December 20).