Britain’s withdrawal from the EU can’t come soon enough

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

i WAS delighted to read that the German Chancellor, Frau Merkel, is threatening to withdraw German cooperation from David Cameron if he pursues the eminently sensible British Government’s attempt to limit the numbers of workers from Europe entering our country and claiming benefits from our welfare system into which they have paid zero in taxation.

Indeed if reports in Der Spiegel are to be believed she thinks we ought to consider leaving the EU, and I, for once, agree absolutely with the German Chancellor.

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Britain’s withdrawal from the EU cannot come soon enough, in my opinion.

We cannot afford to stay within this corrupt regime a moment longer for as we all know this country is full to bursting point and we cannot accommodate any more EU migrants.

Our hospitals are overwhelmed with new patients, our schools and teachers are unable to cope with the huge numbers of immigrant 
families entering the UK education system and our housing situation is so desperate that the many young British adults are forced to live at home with Mum and Dad because of the shortage of and the cost of decent housing.

I would imagine that for Angela Merkel, Britain’s departure from the EU would bring a huge political benefit, for once again Germany would effectively be real rulers of Europe and she would be the most powerful European leader since you know when.

From: John Watson, 
Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

Poor David Cameron. The photos in the Press depicted him as a little poodle in the presence of Angela Merkel. She is a very determined lady and she usually gets what she wants.

I think Cameron is wasting his time going to the EEC summit to get concessions on our immigration policy. He won’t have a leg to stand on with the europhiles in the Government watching him closely.

I dare not write what I and most of my friends say about the subject, nothing racist, just pragmatism.

We have all become victims of the sabotage of our freedom of speech and expression and it is a tragedy.

I wonder what King John and his Magna Carta would think about the situation today where we cannot express ourselves in our own native tongue without some busybody dropping us in the mire.