Cable’s stance may backfire on Lib Dems

From: TW Coxon, West Auckland Road, Darlington, County Durham.

VINCE Cable must be living in another world if he believes we do not have a problem with illegal immigrants.

Half a million immigrants a year – and we are told this assessment is guesswork – is a problem and his criticism of the Government’s attempts to reduce and control it does him, nor his party, much credit, but merely confirms a long-held belief that some politicians put votes before the interest of the country.

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The British people are overwhelmingly concerned and have expressed themselves many times in the past, as opinion polls show.

His stance on immigration may well backfire on him and his party at the next election.

From: Trev Bromby, Sculcoates Lane, Hull.

WITH reference to the poster being used to coax illegal (i.e. criminal) immigrants to give themselves up, some of the words shouted by the do-gooders are “racist”, “not British” and “discrimination”.

So, in response, what would they say about the alternative poster to clear criminals (burglars, robbers, rapists et al) off our streets?

Surely, one is just as valid as the other or as stupid?

From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

IT comes as no surprise to me that this Government has no real idea of the true number of migrants or immigrants to this country. Anyone with any sense could have foretold that this country’s “open-house” policy would encourage those undesirables from other countries to come here and exploit not only our benefits system but also our naive approach to crime. Foreign criminals love it here!

Why do I say that? Simple, because government (and I class all the political parties in one boat) have over the years focused too much on foreign affairs and not enough on what is happening here in this country.

They are slow to perceive possible exploitations of our laws and welfare system; they are slow to react to medical scares as regards drugs; they are slow to react to internet crime.... in fact, the vast majority of the time they are re-active as opposed to pro-active, which of course is useless and a case of bolting the gate after the horse has fled.

Regional holiday idea

From: Dr Gareth Morgan, Acomb Wood Drive, York.

AMONGST the tragic news of the Spanish train crash last week, I read that the Galicia region was about to celebrate a “regional public holiday”.

This sounds like a wonderful concept, and I suggest we could benefit from regional public holidays in the UK (there are already some public holidays specific to Scotland and in Northern Ireland, but not in the English regions).

Is this a case for Yorkshire to set the lead? The obvious choice would be an annual holiday on Yorkshire Day (August 1) each year?

A regional holiday at this time when offices were not expected to be open would, I suggest, be welcomed by many employers. With schools already on
holiday, it would not disrupt education.

But it would be great for our regional identity and would make possible a much wider range of Yorkshire Day events, which could bring communities together at many levels.

Social justice 
for Scotland

From: Max Hey, Fairway Grove, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

THE SNP is very keen to push the idea of a “socially just” Scotland. Many will remember visions and dreams of a socially just European Community.

Here’s a suggestion to prove Alex Salmond’s sincerity. He should make the declaration that on the attainment of Scottish independence all British anti-trade union legislation will be discarded, heralding a new dawn of Scottish social justice and equality.

To make this declaration one does not need knowledge of the “future economic landscape”, an excuse Labour is all too willing to use. In fact, Labour should make a similar pledge for the next general election.

Will any of this happen? I doubt it. But until they get some such indication of how a socially just Scotland will be achieved those on the Left who support independence should be very wary.

One thing is for sure, a socially just neo-liberal Scotland is impossible.

post boxes

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York.

I SEE the Royal Mail have been splashing red paint about just lately as they are tarting up their post boxes.

It’s high time councils did the same, but changing their dog poo boxes to green, so people can tell the difference from a letter box.

With the money I’ve spent on stamps at their exorbitant cost, I feel the letter box at the end of our road should have been painted gold.

I haven’t worked out the pros and cons just yet, but it must be getting near to being cheaper to deliver my own mail.

Priestly priorities

From: Jim Buckley, Aketon, Pontefract.

PHILIP Smith (Yorkshire Post, July 26) questions Archbishop John Sentamu being involved in things like the living wage. Much better to concentrate on internal church politics.

The function of any priest is to involve themselves in the day to day affairs of ordinary folk; particularly those at the bottom of the social heap.

Am I right?