Cameron’s leap of faith is welcome

From: Maureen McCarthy, Filey, North Yorkshire.

I AM not a Conservative supporter but I must say how much I admire David Cameron for his recent statements on his faith, and especially for his assertion that this is a Christian country.

The group of people who have condemned him for saying this are yet another example of those who for years have been trying to undermine the standing of Christianity in this country.

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Our society was founded upon the Christian principles which led to the establishment of our hospitals and health service, education system, the legal profession and many other aspects of life here.

From: TW Coxon, West Auckland Road, Darlington.

THOSE who have criticised the Prime Minister’s statement that we are a Christian country quite obviously have their own political and religious agenda.

In my view, these critical comments and the people who make them, are more likely to cause division and dissent in this tolerant Christian country, so they should shut up and stop denigrating this country which has an exemplary record of religious tolerance.

Airport is far from worst

From: Pamela Z Frankland, Hull Road, Dunnington, York.

KATH Hall had a real moan about the stairs at Leeds Bradford Airport (The Yorkshire Post, April 19).

I was recently transferred from Leeds Bradford to Manchester Airport and was misdirected by official staff to the wrong terminal. A quarter of an hour walk there and a quarter of an hour back, then another quarter of an hour to terminal one.

On arrival no one seemed to know where I was to check-in. Panic had already set in and eventually I made contact with desk staff who pointed me in the right direction to gate 25, a long walk. Coming home at 5am from Innsbruck, the airport was closed. Everyone was arriving on coaches and were left standing outside in pouring rain.

Thank goodness for wheeled cases and airport trollies or this 81-year-old would have been snookered.

So, Kath Hall, you were very fortunate, don’t you think?

Posters show truth hurts

From: John Watson, Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

HOW thin-skinned are we all becoming in this country?

The latest Ukip election posters for the European election have caused a stir because it is said that they are racist (The Yorkshire Post, April 22).

It really makes you want to blow your top.

You hardly dare misplace a monosyllable in this day and age or you will be jumped on like a ton of bricks.

I find the three main parties are not only splitting hairs but are also looking for the smallest pretext to have a go at Farage. It is time someone got up and spoke the truth about immigration and if it hurts, so be it.

Tale of young VC hero

From: David Davies, Burgess Road, Brigg.

YOUR interesting article on the Victoria Cross failed to mention what must be the most poignant recipient of all time.

John (Jack) Cornwell was born in 1900. He enlisted in the navy at age 14 (!) and was trained as a sight setter and gun layer. He joined HMS Chester.

On May 31, 1916, HMS Chester came under attack. all but one of her five inch guns was rendered inoperable. The open backed gun turrets allowed shell splinters to penetrate the emplacements which resulted in severe wounding and death to the gun crews.

Cornwell’s gun crew were all killed and although Cornwell was severely wounded, he remained at his post until relieved by the medics.

HMS Chester was ordered back to Immingham where Jack Cornwell was transferred to Grimsby General Hospital where he died on June 2, 1916.

After an initial burial in an unmarked grave, he was re-buried with full military honours after a public outcry.

With obvious reluctance. the Admiralty recommended Jack for the Victoria Cross.

There were several buildings, streets and even school re-named in his memory – all probably demolished and certainly long forgotten.

vs Bristol

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

YORKSHIRE may have a lot going for it but it is Bristol in the West Country that has been recognised by the Sunday Times as the overall winner in being the best city in Britain in which to live.

Bradford has been given the accolade: “Perfect for arts lovers who want to stay connected”.

Timely exits

From: Geoffrey Searstone, Moor Lane, York.

YOU can certainly say this for Sir Alex Ferguson and Tony Blair, they definitely knew when to bail out of a worn-out machine in imminent danger of failing.