Cancelling HS2 will have these consequences for Tories in North – Yorkshire Post Letters

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Do you back HS2?
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From: Keith Punshon, Willow Bridge Lane, Dalton, Thirsk.

CAPACITY of our railways needs to increase not only across the Pennines in the North, but also North-South and integrating transport the length and breadth of our country (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, January 25).#

HS2 is already being constructed in many parts of the country.

HS2 is already being constructed in many parts of the country.

Huge waste of money if HS2 is now scrapped – Yorkshire Post Letters

This is a political decision not just economic, just as the Brexit decision was about recognising the votes of the whole country, not just the wishes of London.

Only HS2 in full AND also Northern Powerhouse Rail will truly ‘level-up’ our nation – Kevin Hollinrake and Andrew Percy

I am surprised that newly-elected MPs in the North are against HS2. Presumably they want to honour the wishes of their electors. The HS2 project is the only scheme shovel ready, and any new projects elsewhere will fall foul, no doubt, of our outdated planning laws and campaigns against new infrastructure.

HS2 continues to divide political and public opinion.

HS2 continues to divide political and public opinion.

’Get control of MPs who undermine HS2,’ MP Toby Perkins tells Government

In five years very little would be achieved that is visible, up and running. HS2 would at least have begun its journey to bring our country together.

Along the line to Birmingham, many structures are in place. The plans are laid. The West Midlands’ economy needs this investment, and according to the Mayor of Manchester, so does the North West. HS2 is critical.

HS2 should become the ‘British Bullet’ if we’re to mean business after Brexit – The Yorkshire Post says

If HS2 is cancelled for whatever reason one conclusion will be drawn by the electorates who lent their support to the Tories in the Midlands and the North. No matter how unfair that might be, the London establishment puts itself first and foremost and when the chips are down no one north of Watford counts.

The Tories would massively lose support. The infrastructure revolution the country needs is today as great as when the railways were first built, and the objections predictably the very same. This time we must have the vision to invest in out nation’s integration as the consequences would be political as well as economic.

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

DOES the cost of HS2 really matter? Surely if everything needed is produced in Britain, and wages paid to British workers, all money stays here. However I suspect money will flow out to other countries as usually happens with such projects, costing our tax payers billions.

From: Roger Crossley, Fall View, Silkstone, Barnsley.

JUST to add one more thought concerning HS2. I was interested to hear a comment whilst talking to a business friend recently. He said that, in fact, he didn’t want to get to London any quicker, because the journey gave him time to ‘get some work done’. His colleague agreed. Interesting.